Here is why you should not ride horses and donkeys on Greek islands

When it comes to locals and tourists visiting the Greek islands, they love exploring every part of it. Sadly, another thing that they love doing is paying for horse ride carriages and donkey rides as part of entertainment.

While it may seem like it is harmless fun, they are actually helping contribute towards a terrible business that only harms the animals and are used as props of entertainment.

Horse carriage in Aegina copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

This is unfortunately common on Greek islands such as Aegina, Santorini and Hydra. Santorini especially, has been in the spotlight for allowing people who are above the necessary weight to ride donkeys. Local residents also use donkeys as means of transport to carry heavy luggage, that the donkeys simply cannot support.

However, there is a donkey sanctuary in Santorini that is working hard to protect these donkeys from unbearable conditions.

But what about the horses that are being deprived from food and water? Images have recently circulated on Facebook of horses that are so skinny that their rib cages are showing. These are the very same horses that are being used as entertainment props and are clearly not being treated correctly.

Horse carriage copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

The Facebook post is written by a local tourist who discovered that these horses are in the worst conditions possible and need help. In order to help eradicate animal mistreatment towards these animals, we need to stop contributing towards the profit and if necessary report any abuse.

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