Here is your mini guide for Agistri

Check out the video:

Agistri copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades
Rocks copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Agistri is also known as angistri and agkistri, and it is a small Greek island that is close to Athens.

It is known for its beautiful crystal clear waters that looks like swimming pools, plus the island is covered in a forest that makes it the ideal location for camping.

There are small villages all over the island, with friendly locals who have small businesses there. You can easily enjoy a relaxing weekend trip here for camping or in a hotel.

It is also easy to just spend the day in Agistri and you can even make a quick stop to the next Greek island; Aegina.

Here’s a mini guide for Agistri and check out the video above too.

How to get there:

Agistri is only an hour away by ferry from Athens or you can get the dolphin boat that is 55 minutes away. The port that you would need to leave from is Pireaus.

Tickets from Athens to Agistri can cost anywhere between 11 to 13 euros, which is also the same price to return to Athens from Agistri. So you would be looking at a total price between 22 to 26 euros.

When you are on the ferry or dolphin boat, it usually stops by Aegina first; since the islands are only a 20 minute distance from each other.

There are two ports in Agistri; Megalochori and Skala. The ferry or dolphin boat can arrive to and leave from any of those two ports, so it is always important to double check your tickets for which port you will be arriving in or leaving from.

Agistri copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades
Sea in Agistri Copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

The transport:

Even though Agistri is a small island, there are still different types of transport available. If you own a vehicle, you can take it with you on the ferry and use it on the island – but for an additional price.

There are buses available at the two ports that can take you across the island for a very low price or you can rent out bicycles and ride around the island.

Taxi’s are available, but because the island is so small, it is best to book in advance.


Agistri is a popular destination for camping, but if that’s not your thing then you can definitely rent out an apartment, studio or hotel room for minimum 2 nights. It may be hard to find a room available, so it is best to book in advance.

Beach copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades
Peacocks by the beach. Copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades


Agistri is known to have amazing beaches anywhere you go on the island. If you are looking for a beach that’s ideal for camping then go to Chalikiada.

If you are looking for a beach that’s a bit more secluded from the busy ports and people in general, then go to Dragonera.

If you are looking for a beach that can be more or less crowded with people, but it has beautiful views and waters then go to Aponisos.

You can use any of the transport listed above to get to these destinations, but if you do not want to explore the rest of the island and you prefer to stay by the ports, there are small beaches there too.

Agistri copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades
Agistri copyright Photographer:Adrianna Anastasiades

Food and drink:

There are plenty of great options for restaurants and bars by both ports, but Skala does have a wider variety of options to choose from.

However, most hotels have their own restaurants or coffee places that you can dine or lounge at, such as Aquarius Village.

If you are looking to eat delicious, fresh seafood with a great service and for a fair price, then check out Moschos restaurant in Skala.

There are plenty of restaurants that serve good quality Greek food, Italian food and comfort food.

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