Here are 5 series on Netflix that will make you feel all kinds of emotions

Netflix Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

If you are planning on travelling or you just need a new series to binge watch, then here are 5 series that will make you laugh, cry, feel heart broken and even scared.

1. JU ON: Origins

Back in 1998, a franchise began for the JU ON films. Now in 2020, a new series with a Japanese production has come into place, with a new perspective.

The story dives deeper than ever before and shows you how different people are affected by a cursed house they once entered or lived in.

This series will make you feel scared, but also sad with disturbing events that take place. There is only one season, but it’ll make you feel like that the story doesn’t end.

2. Pose

Pose is a series that is set back in the 1980s and focuses on the ballroom culture in the African American and Latin community. Even though the show is filled with glamour and humour, there is also a dark and raw side that unravels.

This series focuses on the discrimination that transgender people face, the rise of AIDS and the struggled they have to go through in order to survive. This series has two seasons.

3. Kingdom

This series is a South Korean production and is set back in the Joseon period. While it focuses on the brutal politics with royalty, the plot actually thickens.

There is a plant that brings people back to life, but it goes terribly wrong and causes a mass population of zombies instead. This series will make you feel sad, excited and anxious all at the same time. It has 2 seasons.

4. When they see us

Based on the true story of the heart breaking case of ‘the Central Park 5’, 5 teenage boys are falsely accused of committing an assault.

This series will make you cry and feel frustrated, as it demonstrates the harsh truth of police brutality and injustice that still exists today. This series has 1 season.

5. White Lines

While Ibiza is known to be a massive party location, a woman has a different experience; investigating the death of her brother.

As she tries to discover the truth about how her brother died, she learns some hidden secrets, as well her true identity. This series will make you laugh, but also make you feel anxious at the same time. The series has 1 season.

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