Here Are 6 Areas That Are Ideal To Stay In When In Athens

Good news, Greece will be open for tourist season!

So if you are still wanting to go somewhere for summer, but you need help in planning, then check out these areas to stay in.

There are many airlines that are commencing flights to Athens; such as Ryanair, Aegean airlines, Air France and Lufthansa.

Koukaki copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades


Koukaki is located just behind the Acropolis museum. It is quieter and it has a lot of hilltops that offer spectacular views of the city.

There are also fantastic coffeeshops, bars and restaurants in this area.

You can easily find a place to rent out on Airbnb and the closest train stations to this area are Acropolis and Syngrou Fix.

Psyri copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades


Psyri is a lively neighbourhood to stay in. It has many bars, restaurants and taverns to choose from. If you are a social bee you would love this area.

Not only that, but it is known to have a creative side to the area; since it is filled with graffiti and art work that you can’t help but to admire.

This neighbourhood is a 10 minute walk to Monastiraki, Thiseio and Omonia. The closest train stations are Thiseo and Monastiraki. You can find accommodation on

Ampelokipi copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades


If you want to stay in a neighbourhood that is close to central but also makes you feel like a local, then you should check out Ampelokipi.

It is actually next to Mount Lycabettus and near other lovely areas such as Pagrakti, Goudi, Zografou and Psychiko.

The closest train stations are Ampelokipi, Panormou and Megaro Moussikis. You can find accommodation on Airbnb.

Kallithea copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades


Kallithea is completely away from the central area, but it is the perfect location because it is closer towards Pireaus and Faliro, but it is also a 10 minute train ride towards Monastiraki, Thiseo and Omonia.

Kallithea also has a huge high street that isn’t as crowded as Ermou, but it still has the same clothing stores.

The closest train stations are Kallithea and Tavros. You can find accommodation on Airbnb.

Gkazi copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades


If you are looking to stay somewhere that has plenty of nightlife to offer, then you should definitely check out Gkazi.

It is the hot-spot for clubs and bars for anyone’s taste in music. Not only that, but it is still very central and a 10 minute walk to Thiseio and Monastiraki.

The closest train station is Keramikos and you can find accommodation on

Palio Faliro copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Palio Faliro

If you want to stay somewhere that’s closer to the beaches but also within reasonable distance to travel to the central areas, then you should look at Palio Faliro.

You can jump on the tram from Palio Faliro and head towards Glyfada or even further, in order to go to the beaches and outdoor nightclubs.

It is also one stop away from Pireaus, which is perfect for you if you are planning on visiting a Greek island.

Next to it is Mikrolimano, which has some of the most stunning views of Athens at night and some of the best fish restaurants that are by the lake.

The closest train station is Palio Faliro and you can check out accommodation on Airbnb.

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