Here Are 6 Travel Destinations You Can Dream Of Going To

Since we are all in lock down, now is the time to dream of your next holiday destination.

It seems that we have taken it for granted that we have all the time in the world to ‘leave it until tomorrow or next year’ and that we should make plans as soon as we can, so that we don’t miss the next opportunity.

So here are some holiday destinations that you can dream about and possibly plan to go to in the future.

El Nido Philippines Photographer: Pixabay/banyanman

El Nido, Philippines

Why not run away to somewhere tropical with a beautiful view to wake up to?

Take advantage of the crystal clear turquoise coral reefs, the soft white sand and the tropical heat. Enjoy some water activities or swim in their big, deep lagoons and then dine on some traditional dishes on this Palawan island.

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Rio De Janeiro Photographer: Pixabay/LhcCoutinho

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and explore some cities that you only hear stories of.

However, make a story for yourself and discover this beautiful city that can offer you adventure. If you want to discover every inch of Rio De Janeiro, you can also take guided tours through the infamous favelas.

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Seoul, South Korea Photographer: Pixabay/8minwoo

Seoul, South Korea

Get yourself lost in this bustling city. Enjoy the delicious, hearty street food that they have to offer in Seoul and the lively nightlife that is different to your western traditions.

Enjoy the futuristic technology that it has to offer and a culture that is completely different and fascinating to learn.

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Hokkaido Japan Photographer: Pixabay/jackmac34

Hokkaido, Japan

If you really want a proper winter wonderland, then you should consider booking a trip to Hokkaido.

Enjoy the winter festival that they have annually, as well as some winter activities such as outdoor steam baths. Meet new people and warm your belly up with a delicious bowl of ramen, whilst dining in one of their very many intimate restaurants.

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Hallstatt, Austria Photographer: Pixabay/Vined

Hallstatt, Austria

This picturesque village will make you feel like you’re in your own fairytale. It is perfect to visit anytime of the year and will make you appreciate the natural surroundings it has to offer.

Fall in love with its 16th century Alpine houses, the cobbled pathways that leads to alleyways with cute shops and the hospitality that this village has to offer.

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Da Nang, Vietnam Photographer: Pixabay/shell300

Da Nang, Vietnam

If you want to go backpacking or on a long term trip to the other side of the world then book a flight to Da Nang.

This ancient city has so much to offer, such as the legendary golden giant hand bridge that still stands tall and offers one of the most beautiful views in the world.

This coastal city also has amazing sandy beaches and the Marble mountains.

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