Here Are 10 Classic Series To Binge Watch Online

Whether you’re waiting for a flight or at home, you can always find comfort in binge watching a classic series.

Photographer: Pixabay/OmarMedinaFilms

1. The Office (U.S)

The Office is originally a British series created by Ricky Gervais, however the American version is indeed funnier and quirkier than the original.

Steve Carell plays the eccentric boss who is a manager at a paper company branch. However, it’s not the usual everyday activities that you would see at the office; as he tries to make the work place fun.

This series is filmed as a mockumentary, since a film cast is meant to follow the staff members and record them for a ‘documentary’.

You can binge watch this series on Amazon Prime.

2. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Will Smith became famous from his first ever role on TV; which was on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

This comedy series focuses on a wealthy family in Bel Air and the crazy shenanigans that they get up to.

However, there are some episodes that focuses on serious issues that have an impact on society; such as racial discrimination and police brutality.

You can enjoy this series on Netflix.

3. Dr. House

If you are into medical dramas, then you would love binge watching this show.

Dr. House is a medical genius that is not loved by many and is dependent on legally prescribed drugs.

Each episode tells a different story that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

You can binge watch this series on Amazon Prime.

4. Friends

This show has re-populated and is loved by nearly all of the generations that have access to the internet.

Six friends in their early 20s live through typical struggles in an adult life. It is a heart warming comedy to watch and it never gets boring.

You can watch all of the seasons on Netflix.

5. Vampire Diaries

This horror series focuses on a teenage girl who crushes on a vampire, but it doesn’t just end there.

As the story unravels, this crush of hers becomes a true friend who can sometimes get her into the most dangerous situations.

You can find this series on Netflix.

6. Breaking Bad

A chemistry teacher who is also a family man struggles to make ends meet so he teams up with one of his students and gets into the illegal drug trading business.

However, as you can imagine it isn’t a breeze and they have to face all kinds of obstacles in order to be successful.

You can find this series on Netflix.

7. Brookly Nine-Nine

This TV show is based on a group of quirky detectives that solves crimes in Brooklyn, New York City.

Even though they’re super talented at solving crimes, they still need to learn a few lessons from their childish shenanigans.

This is a heart warming comedy series that you can find on Netflix.

8. Gilmore Girls

This comedy drama series focuses on a relationship between a mother and a daughter and the daily issues that they go through.

However, it also focuses on the mother having a roller-coaster relationship with her own mother.

You can find this series on Netflix.

9. Law and Order

If you like crime drama, then buckle up for this classic series.

The majority of episodes focuses on complex cases that will make you teary or feel frustrated; as well as some episodes being influenced by real life headlines.

You can stream this on Amazon Prime.

10. Monk

An ex-police officer with an obsessive compulsive disorder continues to solve cases as a personal detective.

This comedy drama series explores the everyday personal issues that this character has to face, but also the talent that he still has.

You can find this series on Amazon Prime.

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