Here Are 10 Netflix Shows You Need To Add To Your List

Whether you need to download some series to watch when travelling, or you just need something new to watch; this list has got you covered.

Netflix Photographer: Jade87/Pixabay

1. Pose

This is an empowering series, that focuses on the ballroom culture in the 1980s – 1990s in New York.

It addresses the issues in the Latin and African- American LGBTQ community; such as discrimination, the battle against AIDS and the struggles they have to face in order to survive.

However, it also dives deeply into what the ballroom culture is really like, with the different houses and trophy categories.

Fun fact: It has 2 seasons on Netflix and has received nominations from the Golden Globes.

2. Zumbo’s Just Desserts

If you love baking shows, then you would love this one. Zumbo is an Australian chef that creates the most eccentric, wacky and lifelike desserts.

However, a group of amateur dessert bakers are challenged to get creative with certain ingredients and also mimic his desserts.

The clock is ticking as they compete against each other for a cash prize. Who will give into pressure and who will succeed?

Fun facts: It has 2 seasons and it is an Australian TV series.

3. Dark

This series is based on a little town that happens to have a history of missing children.

With signs of bad omens and clues, it reveals that history will repeat itself once more.

Children start to go missing, suspicions are raised for the nuclear power plant and a priest is seen lurking around. What can it all mean?

Fun fact: This series has 2 seasons and it is a German TV series.

4. Queer Eye

A group of young men offer different gifts by helping change people’s lives.

They help makeover someone’s home and wardrobe, as well as teaching them skills such a cooking and giving them words of wisdom.

In this show you get to see what the person is like before and after the change. A lesson from this show is that confidence is key.

Fun facts: This show has 5 seasons and a special edition in Japan.

5. Top Boy

Top Boy is a British TV series that focuses on drug dealers, who are in a drug war with each other in East London.

However, there are back stories to this series; such as the struggles that the lower class society have to go through, obstacles in friendships and the hierarchy of a drug organisation.

Fun Facts: It has 3 seasons and the rapper Drake is a huge fan of this show.

6. Sex Education

Everybody has to go through puberty at one stage in their lives. But what happens when your mum is a sex therapist and you are having your own sexual troubles?

Sex Education is a series that focuses on a teenage boy who is given the gift of sexual wisdom that he can share amongst his pupils, but sometimes has troubles following his own advice.

Fun fact: This series has 2 seasons and it is meant to be located in the UK.

7. Good Girls

Three struggling mothers try to find a way to make ends meet, so they decide to rob a grocery store.

However, the money that they successfully robbed belongs to a money laundering king pin who wants it back.

This is a dark, witty comedy series that will have you laughing, but also on the edge of your seats.

Fun facts: This series has 3 seasons and one of the mothers is played by Christina Hendricks.

8. Unbelievable

Based on true crime, this mini series focuses on a girl who is a victim of rape.

Two female police officers investigate, as they notice that there is a link to numerous sexual assaults in different states in the country.

This focuses deeply on what the victim has to go through and overcome after the assault.

Fun facts: There is 1 season and it was Salma Hayek’s Women’s Day Pick on Netflix.

9. When They See Us

This is another mini series based on a true crime story. It unravels the hard truth of discrimination that 5 teenage boys face, as they are falsely accused of a crime that they didn’t commit.

In this series you will understand the true levels of police brutality and how unfair the system is. However, there is always a silver lining and hope is given to them at the very end.

Fun facts: This mini series has 1 season and is based on the case ‘Central Park 5’.

10. Insatiable

A girl is punched by a homeless man in the face, causing damage to her jaw and making her lose loads of weight.

She then competes for a beauty pageant with her coach that she is secretly infatuated with, whilst also having to battle with her own mental health and an eating disorder.

This is a dark comedy that will leave you surprised, in tears of laughter and shocked.

Fun facts: This series has 2 seasons and the main star is played by Debby Ryan.

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