Here Are 10 Shows On Netflix That You Need To Watch Right Now

Are you planning on taking a long haul flight and need some good entertainment?

Or are you at home and you want to chill out and watch a new show? Then here are some suggestions for you.

Netflix Photographer: afra32/Pixabay

1. Kingdom

If you love zombies, then this is the perfect show for you. It is set in the Joseon period in South Korea and focuses on a prince having to face a number of obstacles in front of him.

He tries to discover why his father who is a king is really sick, by embarking on a journey to see where this mysterious plague came from.

Whilst this is all happening, he is tangled in a web of a coup/political conspiracy, that he has to overcome and prove otherwise.

Fun fact: This series has 2 seasons and is in Korean with English subtitles.

2. The Circle U.SA

If you’re into reality TV shows, then you would love this one. 15 contestants battle out to win a large amount of price money, by competing to be the top influencer.

The twist is that none of them can actually see each other and that they all have to create a social media profile in order to communicate with each other. Who is real and who is not? They may never know.

Fun fact: There is 1 season on Netflix and the filming location was in Manchester, the UK.

3. Grace and Frankie

What would you do if you found out that your husband was secretly having a love affair with his business partner?

Grace and Frankie find out devastating news that after all these years of marriage, their husbands are actually secretly in a relationship with each other.

So in order to move on, they move into a beach house that the four had originally bought, and Grace and Frankie start a sex toy company for older women.

Fun fact: This has 6 seasons on Netflix and Martin Sheen is Charlie Sheens’ father.

4. Castlevania

This is an animated series that is based on a video game. It is dark, gory and has adult humour.

The great vampire Dracula seeks revenge by destroying all humans, after they had mercilessly killed his wife.

However, that doesn’t come easy for Dracula; since he has to face his enemies and battle with the monster hunter Trevor Belmont, his son Alucard and the magician Sypha Belnades.

Fun Fact: This series has 2 seasons on Netflix and the series was originally planned to be a film.

5. Million Pound Menu

If you are a foodie, then you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for this show. This series shows you how one business idea can come to life.

Investors are constantly hunting for the next big money making idea in the restaurant industry, and there are candidates that are passionate in their models which want to make it happen.

Will they succeed? Or will their dreams be short lived?

Fun Fact: This has 2 seasons on Netflix and it is a British show.

6. How to get away with murder

Five ambitious law students take part of an internship that can change their lives.

However, they have some obstacles to face and overcome; such as covering up a murder.

Will they get away with killing someone with the upper hand of being law students? Or will they face the otherside as criminals?

Fun fact: There are 6 seasons on Netflix and Alfred Enoch was a child actor in Harry Potter.

7. Seven Deadly Sins

This Japanese animated series is based on a band of knights who have gathered together after being disbanded 10 years ago for attempting to plot a coup in the Liones Kingdom.

However, Liones’ daughter Elizabeth meets the leader of the seven deadly sins Meliodas and joins them.

They embark on a journey all together, whilst having to face the demon race, aswell as trying to rescue the knights that have been manipulated by the demon race.

Fun facts: There are 3 seasons on Netflix. However, they have also released a fourth one which you can stream online.

8. Dark Tourist

This series shows you the darker side of tourism, that not alot of people explore.

One man has accepted the challenge to visit the most eccentric, dangerous and gory attractions of tourism in different countries.

In this doc-series he interviews and learns different cultures and beliefs, aswell as takes on some unique experiences.

Fun fact: This doc-series has 1 season and the presenter is David Farrier.

9. Chilling adventures of Sabrina

Based on the tale ‘Sabrina the teenage witch’, it is a story of how a girl is conflicted with her identity of being half witch and half human.

Sabrina tries to balance being a witch and a human at the same time, whilst also being in conflict with the dark forces and their traditions.

This is a dark series that will make you feel like you’re re-living halloween everyday.

Fun fact: This series has 3 seasons and also has a cross reference with Riverdale.

10. Manhunt: Unabomber

This mini series unravels a true crime story that was in the 1990s, of an FBI team trying to track down a terrorist.

With very little information about this culprit, they try to create a profile of who he could be; but it is like a needle in a haystack.

This series will keep you on the edge of your seats, as you will be wanting to find out the truth.

Fun fact: This series has 2 seasons. It describes a fictionalised account of how the FBI would hunt down the perpetrator.

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