A Vegans’ Food Guide For Athens

If you are planning on travelling to Athens and you’re a vegan, then not to worry, because this is an easy food guide for you.

Mama Tierra copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Mama Tierra

Veganism has hit Athens hard and there are alot more choices now; which is great.

If you want to try traditional Greek dishes but the vegan version, then keep the restaurant ‘Mama Tierra’ in mind. They also do home delivery.

They have a variety of dishes from different cuisines, but they also specialize in making vegan versions of soutzoukakia and moussaka.

A great recommendation would be to try the falafel wrap, the dark chocolate and avocado smoothie and the burrito.

Pizza Fan

If you’re craving junk food such as pizza, then you should definitely order takeaway from Pizza Fan. They’re cheap and have big portions for vegan junk food.

The pizza is good quality and you can choose whatever kind of crust you would like.

Healthy bites copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Healthy Bites

Healthy bites is a vegan and vegetarian bistrot and serves high quality, fresh food.

You can find delicious vegan desserts here, as well as hearty savoury dishes such as vegan patties and a vegan gyros.

You can also find classic dishes with a vegan twist such as pastitsio and moussaka.

Vegan burger copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Simply Burgers

At simply burgers they generally serve high quality burgers and at a fair price.

They have a delicious vegan burger and the patty is made out of tahini, quinoa and chickpeas, smothered in a beetroot chutney and layered with fresh salad.

They serve this burger with a generous amount of fries. You can have this delivered to you or you can dine out at one of their restaurants.


Everest is a coffeeshop chain that sells sandwiches and pies. However, it is perfect for a vegan if they want vegan coffee because they specialize in that too.

They also sell healthy cereal bars such as dark chocolate and oats or peanut butter and oats.


Gregory’s is another chain coffeeshop that sells vegan coffee, however, they have also introduced snacks and sandwiches that are vegan too.

You can enjoy a peanut butter and banana toastie if you need some energy or healthy oat and honey cookies.

Another great thing about Gregory’s is that they have introduced the thick macaroni as straws, in order to help save the environment.

On a final note, if you do go and dine at a Greek restaurant or taverna you can still find vegan dishes.

For example; gemista (without mince), fava, fasolada, gigantes, spanakorizo and chickpeas are great options.

If you find yourself in a restaurant that serves mainly meat, you can always order a refreshing salad since they are always served in big portions.

Another thing to consider is that if you are dining for breakfast or brunch you can always ask the waiting staff if they have vegan milk. If not, you can ask for a Frappe ‘sketo’ (plain) without milk.

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