5 Ideal Destinations For The Perfect Honeymoon

It’s time to continue your romantic adventure together and treat yourselves by going somewhere nice. You both deserve it.

Heart shape Photographer: Pixabay/kenailuj

1. Naxos, Greece

Naxos is located on the South Aegean Sea and is a quieter Greek island, in comparison to others.

However, this island is known for its delicious homemade wine, which you and your partner can sip on whilst looking at the sun set as it connects with the crystal indigo blue sea.

Take a stroll and enjoy the picturesque view of small, white washed houses with blue rooftops. It is ideal for a tranquil getaway.

Nice, France Photographer: Pixabay/Aeter

2. Nice, France

Paris is known as the capital of romance; but Nice can be a lavish honeymoon.

Take a stroll by the French Riviera and enjoy some fine French dining with a bottle of champagne to celebrate the wonderful years ahead of you both.

If you’re both a history buffs, then this is the ideal location to learn and appreciate the art and culture that Nice has to offer.

3. Milos, Greece

If you both enjoy outdoor activities and are thrill seekers; then Milos is the ideal location for you.

With sandy beaches, white caves and turquoise blue waters; you can take advantage of the water activities and even jump off the cliff tops and dive into the sea.

In the evenjng you can stroll around the town together and dine on some traditional Greek food that this island has to offer.

You can even be entertained with some live Greek music and dancing.

Maui, Hawaii Photographer: Pixabay/hummunoz512

4. Maui, Hawaii

You’ve seen it in films and I am sure that you have once daydreamed in your life about quitting your job and buying a one way ticket to paradise.

Well, Maui in Hawaii is just the ideal honeymoon location for that. Imagines yourselves sipping on cocktails as you both dance under the night sky on the beach and feast on some delicious Hawaiian food.

Or you can both try something new and take up surfing lessons; or even sit back and relax as you are both being pampered.

5. Madeira, Portugal

Maderia is the perfect honeymoon destination for those who want to partake in alot of activities.

There’s so much to do here; hiking trails up the mountains and with the result of a breathtaking view, attending a day tour at the sugar cane mill or even lounge by the natural swimming pools.

You both will feel like you have escaped to an island, since you will be surrounded by nothing but natural beauty and the sea.

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