Review of the day: Noodle bar restaurant

Here is another place to add to your list for light meal dining experience.

Noodle bar restaurant   Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

This pan-Asian restaurant has recently joined the line of Asian cuisine restaurants that are rapidly rising in the cosmopolitan food scene that Athens has to offer.

It is located on one of the quieter streets of Syntagma, where a row of restaurants from different cuisines all over the world stand together.

The menu itself has a wide selection, trying to cover as much of the pan-Asian cuisine as possible. There are different options on the menu; which can be exciting as you get to try something new each time you visit.

belinase rice.jpg
Balinese fried Rice   Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

There are a variety of starters such as crispy fried vegetarian spring rolls, Vietnamese spring rolls or pork ribs in Korean BBQ sauce.

Or why not warm up to this cold weather with their delicious broth soups such as Laksa or Ramen noodle soup. You can also have a spoonful of your five a day from their healthier soups such as Tom Khai Gai or Tom Yum.

Special Noodle Bar noodles     Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

special noodle.jpg

There are dishes suitable for every weather: sushi platters, salads, rice dishes and of course, noodles. There are also classics and favourites such as Kung Pao chicken, chicken satay sticks and Mongolian beef.

The interior is designed with inspiration from different cultures that are all entwined together as one. However, it also has a modern influence which catches your attention if you were to pass by it. The walls are covered in old posters, neon signs, anime style cartoon characters and printed flamingo patterns.

Address: Apollonos 11, Athina 105 57

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 11AM-12AM

Phone number:  21 0331 8585

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