Here are 4 restaurants with cool themes in Athens

There are two things you need to know about the Athenians; they have an expertise in knowing about good food and how to get your attention.

L’Ovelha Negra    Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

No.1 L’Ovelha Negra

This restaurant has a ‘Rum’ theme going on and it is decorated with old-fashioned props such as a sewing station for a table. It is like an organised form of hoarding; only it brings the place together as an atmosphere and makes you admire the eccentric taste it has. Your water would be served in an old rum bottle, which is one of the very many that is neatly collected above their bar.

Their menu changes daily and they serve homemade food such as ‘Gemista’ (vegetables stuffed with rice), which reminds you of your grandma’s home cooking. It brings back that feeling of nostalgia with every bite you have.

Not only that, they also have a selection of delicious and generous portions of desserts. From muffins with a filling of Merenda to cakes covered in icing with sprinkles, they can surely satisfy that craving of yours. They also have a mouth-watering savoury selection;   from homemade pizza’s, savoury feta cheese muffins to freshly made sandwiches.

In the evenings they have live DJ’s, which is a great event to partake in for the beginning of your night, especially when it comes to sipping on their refreshing cocktails.

Address: Isminis 84, Kallithea 176 75, Athens, Greece

Opening times: Monday – Saturday: 8AM-1AM   Sunday: 10AM-1AM

Phone number: 21 6700 4532


Coyoacan    Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

2. Coyoacan

This ‘artistic/graffiti’ themed restaurant is so vibrant, bold and beautiful. Each part of the restaurant has a different style of decor, however they all match together making it look like a big painted canvas.

The menu has a modern twist and classic Mexican dishes such as ceviche, beef rib tacos and refried kidney bean dip. It is great to order a different amount of starter’s, so then you can try out the different rich flavours they have.

There is always live music on selected days and different daily events, which can have the place buzzing with a crowd of people. They also serve up some pretty impressive cocktails, which is another reason why you should join one of their entertaining nights.

Address: Iraklidon 10, Athina 118 52, Greece

Opening times: Monday – Friday: 7PM-2AM   Saturday & Sunday: 11AM-3AM

Phone number:  21 0345 7102

Mask playful  food and cocktail bar    Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

3. Mask

This restaurant is located in central Athens, where the streets are bustling with tourists and locals daily. The indoor decor looks like it is from the 1940’s, but with a mixture of modern design. It has a ‘Royalty’ theme that is consistent in every room you enter.

The menu has a variety of savoury and dessert dishes to choose from; such as pancakes smothered in Nutella and banana or a stove baked pizza with a variety of fresh toppings. Mask is an excellent bar to hang out at if you’re looking for a mellow atmosphere. The cocktails they serve are affordable and refreshing, which is perfect to have on a light summer evening.

Address:  Κalamiotou 18 & Κolokotroni 55, Athina 105 60, Greece

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 8AM-4AM

Phone number:  21 0331 4676


Fairytale     Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

4. Fairytale

The theme is within the name of this dessert restaurant and it is a place where you get that feeling of nostalgia of your childhood favourite fairy tales. The decor is inspired by different literature’s such as Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.

As you enter the grand gates with the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland standing proudly on top, the first thing you will see is a cute front garden that is covered in flora and it would remind you of the tea party from Alice in Wonderland.

The indoor area has a cosy atmosphere, but the design of the furniture is neoclassical, which gives you the feeling of sitting in a throne, and as if it is fit for royalty. The menu is only for those who have a really sweet tooth and are okay with big portions. If you have an addiction to chocolate, then this restaurant is destined to be your fairy tale.

Address:  Tripia 48, Nea Filadelfia 143 41, Athina, Greece

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 10AM-12AM

Phone number:  21 0258 2341






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