New hot online clothing line: FayLondon

The market for online shopping is constantly expanding with constant unique and cutting edge brands on the horizon. There’s no surprise that FayLondon is one of them.


The UK fashion brand is founded by a mother and daughter, named Evi and Fay Stavrinides. With their fashion expertise and fabulous designs, they were inspired to take over the online shopping market, with a new niche. Their clothing line brings glamour and sophistication to your wardrobe.

Their styles of clothing have been influenced by the city fashion capitals; New York, London, Paris and Milan. Whether you’re looking for a dress to impress, or a cute new tee, don’t worry; as this online fashion website has got you covered. From sexy black dresses, glittery gowns, to statement, bold, jewellery; FayLondon is the brand you want to be part of.

FayLondon chooses quality over quantity, which is why you will feel like a catwalk model when wearing one of their tailored jumpsuits. Indulge on the classy clothing, bag and accessories range that they offer. The clothing line also has a few admirers from celebrities such as  Cara Kilbey, Lydia Lucy (x factor) and Abigail Clarke. So ladies, if you’re looking for luxury, say hello to FayLondon.

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