A new trend: Bubble tea

Bubble Tale Tea Bar in Athens. Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades


 A new trend: Bubble tea

Everyone one has been talking about it and taking sips as they quench their thirst to the newest drink around; Bubble tea. Not sure what it is? Here’s how it works….

You can select from three different types of teas; green, white or black. You can then choose two fruit juices to shake up with, such as pineapple or orange. You then pick which flavor bubbles you want; whether it’s peach or strawberry it’s your choice!

Once your drink is made for you, you’ll be doubtful to try it due to the brightness or darkness of the color (it could turn out looking like a magic potion or something that looks delicious) but as you drink it, the small bubbles explode in your mouth and fill it with an amazing flavor that definitely does satisfy you.

Like the sound of it? Give it a go. Bubble tea is trending massively all over the world in countries such as the UK, Greece, China and America. However, Bubble tea wasn’t recently invented; it was created in the 1980’s in Taiwan. It was massively popular in the 1980’s but the love for it has grown bigger ever since. Each Bubble tea shop is eccentric, colorful and fun; you’ll surely be curious enough to step into one, if you come across one. So don’t be scared to try something new, who knows, it could be your new favorite thing!

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