All hail the Gyros

Souvaki superstars Gyros Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

We’ve all been there; reminiscing about the time we’ve had our first Gyros. Whether it was on a sunny Greek island or in a Souvlatzidiko (Greek kebab shop), we’ve all tried the delicious Greek cuisine.

In Camden town, London, there is a food market with different food stalls from all over the world. If you take a little stroll through these busy streets, you will find yourself standing outside a small food stall called Souvlaki Superstars. The meat is great quality; from grilled chicken souvlaki to a meaty pork Gyros. The little food stall is so unique, that they even have a special Gyros burger.

All food is fresh and cooked right in front of you. Watch them slowly layer your Gyros and wrap it round tightly in paper. They do from XXL to small; all with decent prices. This food stall is highly recommended as you will instantly have nostalgia and feel like you’re on a Greek island, experiencing your first Gyros all over again.

Price Range: £3.00-5.00

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