Hi Sushi!

Bento Boxes Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Ahh Sushi. Not only is it delicious and popular in the Japanese cuisine, but it is also healthy! And what is there not to love about these cute Bento Boxes? Bento Boxes are traditional in the Japanese culture as they make food in smaller portions look visually attractive to the eye. Located in North London, Hi Sushi brings you excellent Japanese food, as well as the traditional way of eating it!

The restaurant is set out with a simple, yet exotic style as it is decorated with bamboo sticks and dimmed lights. Once you’re escorted to a table, you will find yourself sitting on a leather pillow – traditionally with your legs crossed, but there is a hole you can place your legs in.

The restaurant has a great atmosphere and a variety of Japanese dishes to choose from. They do great lunch specials and you can even have a bento box delivered to your door!


Hi Sushi,

830 High Road, North Finchley, London,

N12 9RA

Price range: £2.00-£12.00

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