Top 4 low budget supermarket treats!

Do you have a budget plan on food but you also want to indulge on your guilty pleasures at the same time? If so, grab a pen and paper and add these to your shopping list!

Sainsburys Basic Milk Chocolate

Fancy a piece of chocolate or the whole bar? Having cravings? Want to sin but at a low price? Then don’t worry, just pop into Sainsburys and buy yourself a delicious milk chocolate bar for only 33p! The wrapping might not be fancy, but don’t judge the chocolate by its wrapper! Once you’ve had a bite, you’ll go back for more!

Asda Rich Tea biscuits

Had a hard day at work? Need to wind down with a nice cup of tea and a cheeky treat? They only cost 45p and they are only 34 calories per biscuit! These Asda brand rich tea biscuits will hit the spot once you’ve dunked one in your tea!

Sainsburys Digestive biscuits

As soon as you have the first biscuit, you won’t stop! These Sainsburys brand Digestive Biscuits only cost 50p and are 62 calories per biscuit. These crunchy and oaty biscuits are perfect with a hot beverage, or even by itself!

Asda Jaffa Cakes

 These spongey, tangy and tasty little treats only cost 60p!  These treats are great for everyone as they have a soft spongey texture filled with orange fruit filling and a dark chocolate topping.

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